Rachel // Behind-the-scenes Photo Shoot

Last month we were invited to come aboard a creative project put together by producer Natel Hull and photographer Darren Hull. This isn’t our first kick at the can going behind-the-scenes with the team. Being shot in an open dust field, this shoot was by far the dirtiest. These guys know how to put a shoot together and it always pays off.

Check out the behind-the-scenes film to get a sense of what went down that day. Some of the crew we’ve worked with before, and others it was our first time. All of the creative professionals collaborating together make for a wicked end result and just a fun day.

Producer: Natel Hull
Photographer: Darren Hull
Model: Rachel Doell โ€“ Blog: Daily Routine Blog.
Stylist: Alana Denham Albrecht โ€“ Blog:
Make Up โ€“ Melanie Feeny โ€“ Website
Motion/Film โ€“ Tim Feeny โ€“ Commercial Site โ€“ Wedding Site
Hair โ€“ Tasha Arnall โ€“ Bloom Hair Studio – Facebook Page
Production/Model – Rhys Albrecht โ€“ Website
Production Assistant – Eric Ehman
Film Music: The Walkmen and RJD2

Here’s a couple finished images. For the full set, follow this link:


Here’s some behind-the-scenes photos. For more, see the photographer’s blog post:


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