Gentleman’s Charity Dinner // Trevor Linden

November 17th, 2011 was definitely a great highlight in my life.

For those that know me well, you know that I am one huge Vancouver Canucks fan. I have been since childhood. If you’re a Canucks fan for that long, you would jump at the chance to meet Captain Canuck himself, Trevor Linden.

Predator Ridge sponsored the Gentleman’s Charity Dinner in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters Okanagan. I had the opportunity to be part of the evening in offering our video services. Trevor Linden was the guest speaker for the event. It was great to be part of a good-cause event and a bonus to be able to meet one of my sports heroes. I didn’t wear #16 playing minor hockey for nothing.

He was very kind and gracious to all the fans, taking the time to sign autographs and say hello. A class act. I was sure to take our daughter Piper’s jersey for him to sign. I got the chance to tell him her middle name too: Linden… I think he thought that was cool.

I wanted to share some of the highlights from the evening. It was great to get some of his insight on the game of hockey and he told some pretty funny stories as well. If you have the opportunity to attend the 2012 event, I highly recommend it. For more information on the event, visit the website here: gentsdinner.com – You’ll also find this same highlight film on the website in addition to photos and sponsors.

Thank you to Big Brothers for allowing me to be a part of this event. Big thank you to Trevor Linden for providing me with more amazing hockey memories than one kid can handle.


Here’s a few photos from the event too. Thanks to Darren Hull for the first 3 pictures:


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Winter Special :: Kelowna Wedding Videography

// This weekend was the Bridal Gala at The Rotary Centre for the Arts. The Wedding Cafe was on location showering their bridal swag bags which included a little diddy from Limelight Studios and Shimmer & Gloss (Melanie Feeny :: My wife). Here’s what the bride’s were receiving:

// If you received this special from the Bridal Gala and are interested in a wedding film, please contact us for available dates. The booking must happen before March 2011 but can apply to any future wedding dates.

// We are so very excited for the coming new year and all the amazing people we get to film. We’d love it if that included you!

// Tim Feeny
Limelight Studios

// Melanie Feeny
Shimmer & Gloss

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Limelight Studios // New Logo

// New month…new look! If you’ve been to our blog before, you may notice a change. We have a new logo! It’s the first time we’ve hired a graphic designer to create something for us and I’m so glad we did!

// Our search led us to Sean Farrell, a graphic designer in Ann Arbor, MI. Once we looked through his portfolio, we knew he would be able to give Limelight Studios the needed look. Check out his site: brandclay.com and follow him on Twitter: @brand_clay :: Thank you to him for being a creative + professional person to deal with and also just a down-to-earth, rad guy!

// The new logo gave me the inspiration to make changes to our site and give our blog a whole new look, which has been on my to-do list for some time now. I’d love to hear your feedback. If you like the new look, comment below, to my face, behind my back, text or email, write it on a wall somewhere, or give me a shout. Thanks!

// Tim :: @timfeeny

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Who is Daniel Abraham?

If you’re like me, I don’t typically read long boring blog posts. I like photos and videos to look at and move on. There has been so much happening this Summer I could write a blog post so long you would never finish it. So here’s the abbreviated version of it:

// My wife and I found out we’re having a little Feen Bean next February! Love that we’re going to parents and feel so blessed. So how would this affect Limelight Studios? Well Melanie has been my 2nd shooter from the beginning so this sent me on a search for a new one so wifey could rest and grow the Feen Bean.

// Enter Daniel Abraham. Daniel is the owner of Icepick Productions here in Kelowna. I met him on the Treelines shoot we did last June. This guy can shoot. It was perfect timing to meet him and he has now helped us with the last bunch of weddings we’ve shot.

// Last weekend was a milestone for Limelight Studios because it was our first 3 wedding weekend. Friday + Saturday + Sunday. Daniel was along for the ride each day and I just wanted to give him a huge shout out and thank him for all his help! He will continue to work with us as a freelance shooter on upcoming weddings. It’s a good break from his usual routine of filming and editing films, documentaries and music videos. Remember his name, because you’ll be watching his music videos and feature films in the future…

// I “love” when companies have a picture of themselves holding their camera on their “about page”….so what better way to introduce Daniel Abraham?…

We worked with Darren Hull on one of the weddings so thanks to him for the photo:

A slew of wedding day highlights will be hitting the blog in the coming weeks. We are behind on them so stay tuned for those!

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Treelines // Bass Guitar Outtake

We had the chance to spend the day with local Kelowna band, Treelines! www.treelinesmusic.com

Not only is their music wicked, these guys know how to have a good time. The full video is coming soon but I couldn’t wait to share my favourite outtake from the day from band member Steve Lockhart. It’s worth the watch. Enjoy!


Darren Hull was on location with his crew taking pictures of the boys from Treelines. I got in on the action for this shot. Can’t wait to see all of them!

Deck jumping!

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Sparkling Hill Resort // Grand Opening Event

Limelight Studios had the absolute privilege to film the grand opening event of Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, British Columbia on April 30th, 2010. http://www.sparklinghill.com/

It was near impossible to put together a highlight film from this event because there was so much beautiful footage to choose from. This event was truly one of a kind.

Big thanks to Lesley Spiegel and her team from Synergy Events that put this grand opening together and got us on board to film. http://www.synergyevents.ca/

To view photos from the event check it out here: http://www.sparklinghillphotos.com
Photos by: Darren Hull

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Wade + Amanda // Calgary Wedding Videography // April 10, 2010

Wade + Amanda flew us out to Calgary to film their wedding this past April. I can’t stress it enough, but they were such a cool, calm and fun couple to spend the day with. The kind of couple you wish you weren’t filming the wedding but instead hanging out with them all day. That’s the way they made you feel…welcome…like a friend or family member and we thank them for that.

This was a milestone wedding for us because it was the first full wedding day filmed with our Canon HDSLR cameras. It was an exciting and anxious day using new equipment but we are so pleased with the end result. This is a teaser for their wedding film. I find myself bouncing in my seat listening to the song and watching the footage. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do:

Music by: Jonsi

Credit is due to the people involved on this day that made our job easier:

Amira + her team at Posh Productions
Edward Ross + his team: Edward Ross Photography // Check out some of Amanda + Wade’s pictures on his blog.
Thanks also to Hotel Arts for providing a beautiful backdrop for a wedding.

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Introducing :: Video Booth Boutique

This has been in the works for a bit of time…but it’s here!

Limelight Studios proudly welcomes Video Booth Boutique to the family. We’ve filmed a lot of weddings since we started in 2004. We’ve seen so many unique weddings on the way. Video Booth Boutique is a way to take it to another level with it’s modern style and class that compliments your wedding day.

The truth is that many couples are on a tight budget and they love the idea of having their whole wedding day filmed, but it’s just not realistically feasible. Video Booth Boutique is the alternative to that. You still get footage from the reception and at a substantially lower cost than a full wedding video.

Don’t get us wrong though, we strongly encourage getting a full-length wedding video of your wedding day and Video Booth Boutique goes hand-in-hand with that as well, offering discounted rates to those couples booking a wedding video.

Video Booth Boutique isn’t limited to weddings. It’s perfect for corporate functions, family reunions, retirement party’s, graduations, and pretty much any event with humans!

We’re very excited about our newest “family member” to Limelight Studios. There are specials running from April to June so contact us to learn more and check out the new site: www.videoboothboutique.com

We can snap pictures too!

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Our Week in Vegas | Workshop + WPPI

It was our first time setting foot on the strip and what a week we had in Vegas. I had high expectations for the events to take place and they were reached and surpassed. I could post a long boring blog entry of everything we saw and did, but I’ll just give the highlights.

Day One: The Aces in Vegas Workshop with Bruce Patterson and Joe Simon at the Wynn Hotel.
This was really great. Who better to show you the ropes on shooting DSLR than two of the best in the world? These guys were very cool to talk to, ask questions and listen to what works for them. They were very open and honest with everything and were more than willing to help. Very down to earth guys which made for a relaxed and informative workshop. Not only were we able to chat with them in a smaller group setting, but we could play with their vast array of “toys and tools.” I’m sure this will become an annual event for these two so if you are shooting weddings or even photographer’s looking to incorporate Fusion, then we highly suggest going next year.

Day Two: After a night of walking in and out of hotels and sightseeing, we were up early and heading to WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) at the MGM Grand. Walking into this trade show was a bit overwhelming. So many amazing vendors and more well-known photographers and videographers than your mind could handle! After checking out some of the show, we headed up for lunch where a huge number of videographers and filmmakers had planned to have lunch all together. Here we met people we have been following for years and also brand new faces! Such a cool experience!

Day Three: We spent most of the day at WPPI the day before but it wasn’t enough. We hit it up one more day. That day we added new toys to our arsenal and met more amazing vendors that will have a large effect on the future of our business.

So those really are just the highlights. I knew attending the workshop and WPPI would be beneficial for us but I didn’t know to what scale. I now know that we will make this an annual event for Limelight Studios to attend. If you’ve never been and have always wanted to, next year should be it. They have already released the dates for WPPI next year – February 16th – 24th, 2011.

Check out some of the pictures from the week:

Thanks to Memory Journalists for the workshop group shot.
Thanks to Lensbaby for the portrait shot.
Thanks again to Bruce and Joe for being rad dudes.

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The Wedding Café // Kelowna, BC Canada

I’ve been wanting to share our newest venture for advertising. We recently have become vendors at The Wedding CafĂ©, right here in Kelowna! When we first heard about The Wedding CafĂ©, we thought the idea was so unique and we were very interested in getting on board. Once we met Jenn and Barb and saw how committed they were to this idea, we knew we were on the right track.

Here’s the write-up from their site. Who better to explain, then The Wedding CafĂ© themselves:

// www.theweddingcafe.ca

Who We Are
Your Planning Oasis, located at 2655 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, British Columbia.

The Wedding Café is a unique concept in wedding and event planning where Brides and Grooms can relax and plan their wedding while exploring our gallery of services and enjoying items from our cafe.

At The Wedding Café the wedding planning experience is stress-free, as there are no salespeople to avoid, just a warm and friendly environment where you can enjoy planning the wedding of your dreams.

The Wedding Café is committed to educating couples in all aspects of the wedding industry and wedding planning by offering resources, seminars and events featuring The Wedding Café Vendors.

The Wedding Café features wedding professionals serving the Okanagan area with displays, brochures, business cards, reception site menus, etc.

Our resource area offers a large selection of books and the latest wedding magazines. Brides and Grooms, or anyone involved in the wedding planning process, can spend a day browsing these materials and taking notes on subjects like traditions, speeches, protocol, wedding favours, cake ideas, etc.

Our café offers healthy and savoury menu items, including sandwiches, salads, paninis, Cherry Hill coffees, teas, smoothies and Big City Cupcakes.

Our evening seminars consist of educational workshops geared to aid in the wedding planning process. Vendors will be in-house to display, present, sample and discuss their service. Brides and Grooms will have an opportunity to ask questions in a stress-free, positive and resourceful environment. Our seminars are designed to save time and hassle.

Bring your laptop! We have Free Wi-Fi for those using our services.


The educational workshops are starting up in March. In addition to other professionals, Limelight Studios as well Melanie’s salon, Shimmer & Gloss will be speaking on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at 6:30pm. If you’re planning your wedding and want to ask some questions, come and enjoy an evening out at The Wedding CafĂ©!

We’re very excited about teaming up with The Wedding CafĂ© and together meeting fun couples who want the best for their wedding!

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